Restore your heart health (blood pressure, cholesterol, heart function) without unreasonable restrictive diets and with needing fewer medications

Keep the heart strong and the arteries clear

Normalize your numbers safely & naturally

Avoid unwanted side effects

Cardiovascular disease is known to be a preventable disease, and even though many do the right thing – take their medications, limit salt and other foods, take fiber and don’t smoke, it is still a leading cause of death. Moreover, side effects of common heart medications may include fatigue, digestive disturbances, disruption in blood sugar levels, in sleep, in memory and mood, organ damage and erectile difficulties in men. The good news, it is possible to counteract those side effects and improve and restore your cardiovascular health safely and naturally.

See your blood pressure, cholesterol and cardiovascular function improve safely and naturally

Enjoy improvement in other areas of health (energy, sleep, mental clarity, mood & more)

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with improved cardiovascular function

About Dr. Klein N.D.

I have been a clinician for close to 20 years, I have run educational programs, spoke at health conferences about heart health and authored the book “Read This If You Have a Heart - the Book on Lowering High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Blood Sugar Naturally”.

For my educational background etc. check out the bio on the home page.

As for my experience with treating all things related to cardiovascular disease, it started early on in practice when I worked in an East Toronto neighborhood, with an older population. Almost every new client was taking multiple medications for cholesterol, blood pressure and more and still had all kinds of health problems.

Through careful digging (with the right tests etc.), once we got to the root of the problem, I was able to transition them off most or all of their medications and had them feel much better within weeks.

That is where I learnt to navigate the complexities of cardiovascular disease, of taking multiple medications and of aging.

I’d be honored to apply, this experience I have acquired in treating cardiovascular diseases, to your particular situation.

How it works

We meet by zoom or other

similar platforms so you don't

have to leave the comfort of

your house. We takea deep

dive into your health history

and recent tests & order

additional test if need be.

Once we uncover the

underlying causes of your

condition you recaive an

individualized action plan

consisting of diet,

supplements and lifestyle

measures to set you on the

path of recovery.

Over the next several weeks

to months (depending on your

needs) you receive futher

oversight, guidance, and

support, to help you achieve

your goals as easily and

quikly as possible.

Here is the deal

Cholesterol doesn’t just stick to the arteries to form plaque. Plaque forms only when cholesterol and the arteries become chemically damaged by a process called oxidation (similar to rust formation on metal) and by inflammations. The resulting changes to the arteries (hardening and narrowing of the arteries) may, over time, lead to a rise in blood pressure. Blood pressure and high cholesterol may also develop under conditions of stress, insulin resistance (diabetes and pre-diabetes), low thyroid function (not always diagnosed by blood test), generally low metabolism and by the lack of certain nutrients. All these things may weaken the heart as well. However, as I dive deep to identify the underlying cause(s) and responding accordingly, it is possible to restore healthy blood pressure & cholesterol numbers and strengthen the heart and improve its function.

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